Energy Venue

Structured for your business

Energy Venue is an innovative structure solution that offers cost-effective, turnkey energy storage integration. It’s the ideal solution for energy storage deployment in a variety of environments where space is at a premium thanks to its best-in-class energy footprint. In fact, Energy Venue uses 25% less acreage than comparative lithium-ion systems.

At the core of Energy Venue is Energy Rack™, a modular, stackable building block that easily scales into the MWh range with an unmatched footprint efficiency. Energy Rack is the ideally sized solution for 1500 Vdc and 1000 Vdc energy storage systems. It leverages EnerVenue’s proven technology by combining Energy Storage Vessels™ into a simple, flexible solution with minimal integration costs, labor, and real estate.

Whether it’s a new build project or an opportunity to convert unused commercial spaces into new revenue streams, the Energy Venue is the leading solution for project developers and integrators worldwide.

Achieve a more efficient energy footprint

Maximum space efficiency is achieved thanks to the modular, stackable Energy Rack, helping Energy Venue use 25% less acreage than lithium-ion systems.

Repurpose distressed or stranded real estate

Energy Venue creates opportunities to convert traditional commercial spaces into new revenue streams.

Maximize asset value

Energy Venue delivers unbeatable LCOS with no augmentation needed over the lifetime of the plant.