Now with:

  • 100% increase in energy density
  • 150% greater capacity
  • 150% more power

Energy Storage Vessel

The industry’s most durable, safe, and versatile building block for grid-scale and C&I energy storage applications

Based on proven technology used by NASA for more than 30 years, EnerVenue Energy Storage Vessels™ feature an exceptionally long lifespan, eliminating the need for augmentation or oversizing. Energy Storage Vessels can be easily mounted in racks, containers or stacked in custom warehousing. Its unique chemistry eliminates the need for preventative fire suppression. It can also reliably operate in a wide ambient temperature range without supplementary HVAC. Energy Storage Vessels dramatically reduce OPEX and feature a much lower cost-per-cycle compared to lithium-ion chemistries.


  • 3 daily cycles
  • 30 year life 
  • 30,000 cycles

Superior fire safety

  • No complex fire suppression needed
  • No risk of thermal runaway
  • No risk of fire propagation

Long-term security

  • Capacity Assurance™
  • Market’s longest warranty 
  • 20 years/20,000 cycles 

Energy Storage Vessels boast an ultra-long life

  • Energy Storage Vessels can cycle up to three times per day without rest and offer an expected lifetime of 30 years and 30,000 cycles, which enables unique applications and business models for developers, integrators, and owners.
  • Superior lifespan eliminates the need to augment or grossly oversize capacity to account for degradation.
  • After 30,000 cycles, Energy Storage Vessels retain 86% capacity, resulting in a second asset life that Li-ion batteries cannot offer.

Energy Storage Vessels greatly enhance fire-safety

  • Energy Storage Vessels experience no thermal runaway or fire propagation risk, eliminating the need for the costly fire suppression systems required by Li-ion systems.
  • Lab and third party testing have demonstrated fire safety under a variety of conditions.

Energy Storage Vessels are the most secure investment for stationary storage

  • Only EnerVenue offers Capacity Assurance – the industry’s longest, simplest and most straightforward extended warranty for stationary batteries.
  • Plant owners can significantly manage risk and backstop their investments with Capacity Assurance, which offers a 20-year/20,000 cycle warranty extension.
  • At the end of the 20-year/20,000 cycle period, system owners are guaranteed at least 88% battery capacity, which no other battery manufacturer can match.

Energy Storage Vessels offer unmatched application flexibility

  • Configurable, scalable product architecture make Energy Storage Vessels the ideal building block for system integrators of all sizes and business models.
  • Energy Storage Vessels have a wide temperature range that allows them to thrive in a multitude of harsh environments where Li-ion batteries cannot operate without auxiliary HVAC.
  • Flexible charge and discharge rates offer system owners more opportunities to capture revenue streams, without risk of battery degradation.
  • Vessels can discharge to 100%, giving system owners maximum use of the plant’s energy, while very deep discharges in Li-ion batteries will quickly and permanently damage the battery.

Energy Storage Vessels dramatically reduce lifetime system costs

  • Unlike Li-ion, costly augmentation is not needed to deliver expected ROI for system owners.
  • Maintenance is minimal – a fraction of current Li-ion systems –, which lowers OPEX and keeps a project’s expected revenue on track.
  • Energy Storage Vessels do not require robust HVAC systems, reducing CAPEX, monitoring and maintenance obligations.
  • The Energy Vessel’s components are easily recyclable, increasing sustainability and environmental responsibility when compared with toxic, Li-ion alternatives.