Energy Rack

Grid-scale and C&I energy storage has never been this simple, fast and scalable

The EnerVenue Energy Rack is the ideally sized building block for 1500 Vdc and 1000 Vdc energy storage systems. It leverages EnerVenue’s proven technology by combining Energy Storage Vessels™ into a simple, flexible solution that easily scales into the MWh range.

At the heart of the Energy Rack lies the industry’s most durable, safe, and versatile battery: Energy Storage Vessels. Energy Storage Vessels can cycle up to three times per day without rest and boast an expected lifetime of 30 years / 30,000 cycles – enabling unique applications and business models for developers, integrators, and owners. The Energy Rack takes EnerVenue’s revolutionary technology to the next level and offers the easiest, safest, and most financially secure solution for C&I and grid-scale energy storage.

Simple Integration

Energy Rack ships ready for quick installation with pre-integrated Energy Storage Vessels, BMS, and all connections and wiring.

Unmatched Scalability

EnerVenue’s unique building concept, Energy Venue, has re-envisioned energy density, with lightweight, interlocking modules capable of stacking up to three strings high.

Superior Versatility

Optimized rack size allows for use in both 1500 Vdc and 1000 Vdc systems. Energy Rack can be deployed in an indoor structure or an outdoor-rated enclosure.

Energy Rack configurations

Single Energy Rack (1500V or 1000V configuration)

Three strings of Energy Racks

Excellent scalability with stacking up to three rows high