The two partnerships secure EnerVenue’s plating equipment and materials supply, dramatically accelerating the company’s high-scale battery production to meet exceptional customer demand

FREMONT, Calif. – June 29, 2022 – EnerVenue, the first company to bring metal-hydrogen batteries capable of 30,000 cycles to the clean energy revolution, today announced it has completed agreements with Precision Process and Precious Plate. The deals with the companies, both of whom are owned by the same governance entity, enable EnerVenue to secure its plating equipment and materials supply requirements and to achieve an accelerated pathway to high-scale battery production.

Under the first agreement, Precision Process will serve as EnerVenue’s exclusive supplier of plating manufacturing equipment. Precision Process will build all plating lines to be installed at EnerVenue’s current and future manufacturing sites, per the terms of this five-year deal.

Under the second five-year agreement, Precious Plate will exclusively supply EnerVenue with plated anode materials – essential to the manufacturing of EnerVenue’s battery vessels.

With these agreements in place, EnerVenue has established a secure supply of plating equipment and materials, as well as price certainty, as the cleantech company rapidly outgrows its startup stage and shifts into high-volume production.

“Establishing proven, scalable, and expertly-designed and managed manufacturing practices – as well as long-term equipment and material supplies – are critical as we scale,” said Frank Blohm, COO, EnerVenue. “By partnering with the trusted commercial plating experts at Precision Process Equipment and Precious Plate, we’ve reaffirmed our path for efficient, high-speed battery production that will meet our growth goals now and well into the future.”

EnerVenue is able to tap into its partners’ wealth of experience as commercial plating material and equipment providers. Precious Plate has established a dedicated manufacturing location in Niagara Falls, NY to ensure the protection of EnerVenue’s intellectual property, and provide an exclusive operational commitment. The facility will expand EnerVenue’s anode production capacity to five gigawatt hours (GWh) annually by 2026. Additional land has also been secured to support in excess of 10 GWh annually as EnerVenue grows. Precious Plate is currently hiring to fill a variety of high-quality roles at the facility.

“Precious Plate Inc. and Precision Process Inc. combine to offer a unique synergy with expertise in custom equipment design & build, electroplating experience, and operational excellence. Additionally, because we have the requisite know-how and available physical resources, we are well-positioned to scale rapidly and service the clean energy storage market,” said Scott Law, President, Precious Plate. “We are excited to align with EnerVenue to supply into the rapidly expanding stationary storage market, and we look forward to growing with EnerVenue in the coming years.”

Following a $125 million oversubscribed Series A funding round completed in late 2021, EnerVenue’s differentiated battery technology has seen increasing demand. Among its most recent deals, EnerVenue announced a four-year agreement with Pine Gate Renewables to supply 2400 MWh as a strategic lithium-ion alternative to grid-scale energy storage. The company also announced a 420 MWh deal to support Sonnell Power Systems in Puerto Rico.

About EnerVenue

EnerVenue builds simple, safe, and cost-efficient energy storage solutions for the clean energy revolution. Based on technology proven over decades under the most extreme conditions, EnerVenue batteries are refined and scaled for large renewable energy integration applications. The company is headquartered in Fremont, California.

About Precious Plate Inc.

Precious Plate is a reel-to-reel, roll-to-roll electroplating company located in Niagara Falls, NY.  A pioneer in precise precious metal plating development, Precious Plate uses proprietary plating chemistries and processes to apply very thin layers of electroplated metals to greatly enhance the performance of a variety of base materials.  Precious Plate has been at its Niagara Falls location since 1979 and currently operates 24 reel-to-reel and roll-to-roll plating lines, employing160 employees.  They provide plated components predominantly used in Automotive, Solar, Fuel Cell, Electronics, and Communications markets.   

About Precision Process Inc.

Precision Process, designs, builds and installs custom reel-to-reel and roll-to-roll plating equipment for a variety of applications.  They currently employ 55 employees and have installed 220 equipment sites around the globe. 

Continuing to expand globally, EnerVenue will accelerate the clean energy transformation into Puerto Rico’s industrial sector through the new partnership with Sonnell

FREMONT, Calif. and BAYAMÓN, Puerto Rico – June 2, 2022 – EnerVenue, the first company to bring metal-hydrogen batteries to the clean energy revolution, today announced an MOU agreement with Sonnell Power Solutions, a division of Grupo Sonnell. Under the terms of the deal, Sonnell Power Solutions will procure and deploy 40 MWh of EnerVenue’s EnerStation battery systems in 2023, with volume increasing to 420 MWh in 2024 and 2025.

Puerto Rico-based Grupo Sonnell, the leader in transportation  and logistics services in Puerto Rico , is aggressively expanding into the energy sector through its new subsidiary Sonnell Power Solutions. Puerto Rico faces rising demand for alternative energy and grid-resilient solutions, particularly following the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017 and the continuing power grid deficiencies left in the storm’s aftermath. Puerto Rico’s industrial sector has remained particularly ready for widespread energy transformation, with businesses actively seeking transitions into renewable energy solutions.

“The industrial sector in Puerto Rico faces a crucial and time-sensitive need for more sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy,” said José Rodríguez Varela, President, Sonnell Power Solutions. “EnerVenue fits into our mission to provide the off-grid alternative energy path forward that industrial businesses are so eager to adopt – one that is safe and built to last. We’re also a company where environmental concerns cut across every aspect of our business. EnerVenue’s storage solutions enable us to reduce the critical midday demand on the grid – and significantly lower energy costs – for industrial customers. We anticipate that EnerVenue will become a cornerstone technology for us, where we are able to fulfill the market’s energy transformation needs now and going forward.”

EnerVenue’s energy storage technology does not have any fire or thermal runway risk and delivers differentiated tolerance of extreme temperature and environmental conditions. These capabilities make EnerVenue’s systems a superior fit for industrial use cases, driving Sonnell Power Solutions’ decision to partner with the company. Looking forward, Sonnell Power Solutions plans to leverage its EnerVenue-based capacity to expand into serving large commercial and government energy customers, and to power its facilities and  electric fleet  as Grupo Sonnell pursues its aggressive environmental impact goals.

“Grupo Sonnell continues to be a proven leader delivering business value to industrial enterprises, always doing so with a clear-eyed focus on their own environmental impact,” said Randy Selesky, Chief Revenue Officer, EnerVenue. “Our battery systems excel in meeting Sonnell Power Solutions’ goals, and we’re proud to enter into this agreement to expand EnerVenue’s technology into Puerto Rico for the first time.”

About EnerVenue

EnerVenue builds simple, safe, and cost-efficient energy storage solutions for the clean energy revolution. Based on technology proven over decades under the most extreme conditions, EnerVenue batteries are refined and scaled for large renewable energy integration applications. The company is headquartered in Fremont, California.